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Bussiness Application Software
Business application software has become an essential element of all commercial, non-profit and government organizations. Business functions such as finance and accounting have standardized business processes. Some organizations can use standard business software to fit their requirements, while others need customized software.
Cybernetic Networks can assist clients with the implementation of standard or customized application development to improve their business processes. We have both a strong business and technical expertise, and can advise clients on the best solution to achieve their business goals.
Whether it is providing enhanced procedures to existing business processes or developing new applications, we can add value and reduce the overall effort for your business process improvements. Our knowledge of the client business allows us to quickly identify how technology best fits into the solution.
Our expertise and extensive experience can help clients in the following areas of application development:
  • Web design
  • E-commerce
  • Inventory management
  • Finance management
  • Graphic design
  • Database design
  • Event management
  • Content management
  • Intranet, extranet
We accomplish the best system solutions that are flexible and scalable using an industry accepted systematic implementation processes. User involvement is essential and expected in all of the following phases of the project:
Project Planning
  • Define project scope
  • Plan resource requirements by phase
  • Determine overall timeline and budget amounts
  • Determine implementation strategy
Requirements Phase
  • Understand the business opportunity thoroughly
  • Create detailed user-interface prototype
  • Develop user requirements specifications
  • Create quality assurance plan
Design Phase
  • Evaluate the functional requirements and determine which portions become make or buy decisions
  • Evaluate alternative approaches for flexibility and scalability
  • Select the best approach with minimized cost and time constraints and maximized growth potential
  • The design phase results in a series of documents, including:
    • Functional specification details about what the software will do and, in general terms, how the user will interact with it.
    • User interface specification describes what the software looks like to the user and how the user will interact with it.
    • Design specification details the internal design of the software.
    • Quality assurance test plan describes the necessary resources and approach that will be taken to ensure a quality product.
    • Project schedule details the expected duration of the various tasks that make up the project, the order in which they must be completed, and their expected start and end dates.
Development Phase
  • Prototype the software to shape the tools to be used by the end users.
  • Use standard equipment, software and programming languages wherever possible.
  • Develop the database to optimize the business process.
  • Develop the system with simple business logic wherever possible .
  • Develop the user interface for efficiency and ease of use.
  • Create the user manual and training manual.
Testing Phase
  • Test the software according to the quality assurance test plan.
  • Test the system thoroughly using as many business situations as possible.
  • Repair any problems with the software.
  • Finalize production of the software.
Implementation Phase
  • Document how the new system integrates with the business process.
  • Train users how to use the new software(if necessary).
  • Tailor support arrangements to meet client needs.
  • Provide ongoing user training(for software).
  • Review and implement approved enhancements.
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