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Information Technology Management Services/ Managed Technology Solutions
Cybernetic Networks technology management services come with an understanding that you have a business to run and that you need your technology to work. Cybernetic Networks guarantees their Information technology management solutions will keep your systems running 24 hours a day, and proactively manages updates and maintains your technologies to keep everything functioning as smoothly as possible. All the benefits of our managed technology solutions are offered with a convenient Flat Fee Guarantee. Rely on our technology management services provide you with all the advantages of a fully staffed internal I.T. department with expertise and without the overhead cost. Discover what we can do for your business.
What you get
  • The Blueprint - a documented I.T. plan
  • Unlimited remote and on-site support
  • Round The Clock system monitoring
  • Advanced Email/ web virus/ spyware prevention
  • Immediate system roll-back for all workstations
  • After hours coverage
  • Immediate emergency response
  • Fully-managed disaster recovery system**
  • Strategic Planning
  • Discounted rates for project work
How we do it
  • We monitor your servers, workstations, and network equipment to ensure critical functionality. We see problems before you do and resolve them before they impact your business.
  • We take snapshot images of each workstation on a nightly basis and provide immediate roll-back if a system issue arises.
  • We manage your virus software that protects against the latest threats without crippling your machines.
  • We have advanced remote management tools and are able to resolve user issues behind the scenes or via joint-use remote sessions.
  • We backup up your servers. We send your critical data off-site to ensure a disaster will not destroy your business.**
** With optional backup & disaster recovery service.
Expertise in Managing I.T. Services
Information Technology Management Services solutions guaranteed to keep your systems running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with services to proactively manage, update and maintain your technology and keep everything functioning as smoothly as possible.
As experts in managing I.T. services, we understand that any kind of mistake can cost your business valuable time and money. Our technology services are not only geared to work, but geared to work with the specific needs and individual desires you or your company may have. We deliver your business all the advantages of a fully-staffed internal I.T. department, with a staff of certified computer experts. Save money on overhead costs and added employees as we focus on the technical needs of your company and assure your I.T. technologies are not only working efficiently, but also living up to their potential.
Information Technology management is integral to your success. Your computers must work for your business to work. Be certain your technologies are functioning for you and your employees and helping to fulfill your potential success. Call today and see what technology management solutions we have for you.

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