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Mail-Hop backup & content filtering
Virus and Spam Removal SMTP Service for Exchange and Private Mail Servers
Cybernetic Virus and Spam Removal SMTP Service allows you to run your own mail server while Cybernetic filters spam through heuristics and DNS-based blacklists and discards viruses. We hold and store your mail if your primary mail server goes down, and we can also deliver your mail to an alternate port.
Capabilities and Features
  • Spam scanning and auto-discarding with SpamAssassin (including configurable thresholds)
  • User lists block mail to non-existent addresses
  • Sender whitelisting and blacklisting with pattern matching
  • Virus elimination with Clam AV
  • DNSBL filtering and discarding
  • Backup queuing for unexpected downtime (store and forward)
  • Relay mail to any of the following ports: 24, 25, 587, 2525, 10025, 52525
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