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Network Security
Computer network security is not an option, it's a necessity.
Protecting your business data resources from both inside and outside intrusion is crucial to smooth business operations.
Developing & Implementing Your I.T. Security Policy
Cybernetic Networks Security Team analyzes your existing environment, your business processes and technology solutions to come up with a well designed I.T. security plan. A proper security plan combines hardware appliances, software and a security policy.
Security Appliances
Implementing stand alone firewalls, radius severs, and VPN's for remote access can provide the required level of encryption, filtering, and authentication necessary to protect the assets of your company.
Developing and implementing a policy to keep your network OS and desktop OS upgraded with the latest security plan is important. Hackers constantly attempt to breach security at the operating system level. As fast as the intruders uncover flaws in the operating systems, the software manufacturers develop patches to plug the security holes. Loading these patches on a regular basis by either your LAN administrator or by one of Cybernetic Networks trained security engineers is crucial to the success of your business.
Data Backing Solutions
To prevent against corruption of data, a data protection plan needs to be developed. The plan is simple to develop but can easily fail if the backup procedure is not followed and verified daily. Our trained staff develops the plan and trains your staff on the procedures necessary to make the plan successful.
Virus Protection
Most hackers launch attacks on your system by sending infected files via e-mail. Keeping your virus protection software turned on and up-to-date can prevent network downtime and protect your key company asset-your data.

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