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Network Management
The backbone to the technology infrastructure of an organization is the computer network. It is an intricate chain of equipment and cables that powers the entire system. Each link in the chain can be a potential failure point. Cybernetic Networks uses its proven approach to minimize failures and to keep the system operational.
Setting up a network does not guarantee a maintenance-free system environment. After the network design has been set up, continual support, troubleshooting and maintenance is required to benefit from the system. By performing the following functions, Cybernetic Networks assures that a network will improve business operations:
Network Administration
  • Network Maintenance
    • Schedule network maintenance
    • Install network software upgrades
    • Install operating system upgrades
    • Update service patches and service packs
    • Perform network diagnostics
    • Resolve server crashes
  • Security Management
    • Test network security: firewall, server, internal, external
    • Update anti-virus software
    • Update firewall software
  • User Administration
    • Administer authorized access ID’s for new and existing employees
    • Set end-user rights
    • Develop and implement workstation usage policies for employees
    • Set security restrictions and network access for users
    • Maintain domain controllers (logon scripts, profiles, domain policies)
    • Limit desktop administrative rights
  • Network Monitoring
    • Monitor firewall for intrusion attacks
    • Monitor logs: system, anti-virus, firewall, error, user, application
    • Monitor user activity
    • Monitor servers for optimal efficiency
    • Perform random checks remotely to monitor user compliance
    • Monitor network for usage, collision detection and performance
    • Monitor back up drives and software
  • Data Management
    • Perform defragmentation (disks, databases)
    • Store data backup tapes offsite for disaster recovery capability
    • Perform routine (daily, weekly, as required) backups of critical data
Network Installation
  • Network Design
    • Analyze existing infrastructure
    • Evaluate the technology budget
    • Provide the most appropriate network for business process improvement to meet organization goals
    • Plan for network capacity based on number of users and system requirements
    • Perform cost benefit analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
    • Research current and future technologies
    • Plan for expansion of network
    • Develop network topology and architecture
  • Software Installation
    • Migrate operating systems (OS), applications, hardware, drivers
    • Implement remote networking: virtual private network (VPN), secure shell (SSH), remote desktop access
    • Install redundancy and clustering technologies: network load balancing and cluster servers
    • Install software: operating systems (OS), email server, database server, web server, file transfer protocol (FTP), internet faxing
    • Install network services: domain controllers, file and print, domain name system (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), windows internet naming service (WINS), proxy servers
    • Install network security: firewalls, demilitarized zone (DMZ), virtual LAN (VLAN), intrusion detection system (IDS), anti-virus software, secure socket layer (SSL)
  • Hardware Installation
    • Set up storage racks to hold network hardware (servers, routers, switches)
    • Install network hardware: servers, routers, switches, hubs, bridges, wireless networking
    • Install storage systems: storage area network (SAN), fibre channel storage, network attached storage (NAS)
    • Install data protection systems (uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), redundant array of independent disks (RAID), and tape backup systems)
  • Inspection and Documentation
    • Develop network layouts and wiring diagrams
    • Perform a quality assurance (QA) inspection on every component of the network (cables, connections, etc.)
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