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Printer Services
Ever notice how you only worry about your printer when it's not working?
The littlest thing may cause the biggest problems, especially when it comes to your printer. Cybernetic Networks offers printer service contracts to ensure parts and accessories are repaired the moment they fail, or even before they fail.
Preventive Maintenance Agreement
During the term of a set agreement, Cybernetic Networks shall repair and maintain in working order the equipment designated for maintenance outlined in a Service Schedule Attachment to the contract. A printer technician will arrive at your site to perform maintenance based on your company's needs and volume of printing. Cybernetic Networks will provide all equipment, material, and labor subject to the following:
Unscheduled service required due to equipment failure shall be provided during normal working hours, 9:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday.
  • If this is an "on-site" next day support agreement, Cybernetic Networks shall respond to the client's request for service at the client's "equipment location" within 24 hours (8 business hours), except weekends and holidays.
  • If this is a "depot" agreement, service may be obtained by the delivery of equipment in question to Cybernetic Networks at its designated service center during normal business hours. Once received, a 48-hour response time is to be expected for repair, barring unavailable resources (parts).
  • Hardware maintenance to be performed outside of normal business hours may be provided at the client's request on a best-effort basis at Cybernetic Networks "per call" rates.
Printer Preventive maintenance will include:
  • Air cleaning every printer
  • Wiping clean for dust
  • Checking rollers and pads for ware and looseness
  • Lubing all rollers and gear
  • Wiping down and cleaning fuser assemblies
  • Performing a test print to ensure good working order
Cybernetic Networks provides next day response when a printer problem arises. When you call Cybernetic Networks, a technician will arrive on-site to service your equipment within 24 hours. Upon examination, if a part is needed, we will order the part and install it to guarantee your printer resumes operation. Coverage parts will be determined by Cybernetic Networks.
Service Contract
Under a printer service contract, non-consumable parts and labor will be covered for a predetermined length of time. A printer technician will arrive on-site to perform repairs as needed and maintenance based on the client's needs and volume of printing.
Advantage of Printer Contracts
  • Priority Support, Next Day Support, Scheduled Support, or Depot Support options available
  • Non-consumable parts included (toners, ink, paper, drum not included)
  • Everything handled by Cybernetic Networks
  • Contains cost
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