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Site Relocation
Is your company looking to relocate or consolidate offices?
Cybernetic Networks can help facilitate office move or multi-site consolidation by properly disconnecting your I.T. computer equipment, transporting, and reconnecting your equipment at the new site. To ensure successful relocation, we will appoint a team consisting of an Account Manager, Technical Engineer(s), and a Customer Service Representative. A site assessment will be conducted of your existing and new locations and all necessary arrangements for moving will be made by Cybernetic Networks. Once dates have been finalized, our technical engineer(s) will arrive at your site to backup your network, down the network, box equipment, load truck, reinstall equipment, test, and be on-site to provide support when the site goes live.
Relocation Process
  • Full Network Inventory
  • An inventory contains information crucial for asset management, accounting functions and insurance policies. A network diagram and complete inventory will aid a technical engineer in the troubleshooting process and help determine a road map for future upgrades, and migration plans. To perform a physical inventory, an engineer will audit each node on your network. You receive a deliverable document with the following information:
    • Workstations
      Manufacturer and model, serial numbers, CPU speed, RAM, hard drive capacity and available space, peripherals, operating system, user name, department, and IP address.
    • Servers
      Manufacturer and model, serial numbers, configuration parameters, operating system, and protocols
    • Network Peripherals (Hubs, router, switches, UPS system)
      Manufacturer and model serial numbers, configuration tables, routing protocols, and physical layout
    • Network Layout Diagram
      A document showing the current physical location of equipment in the inventory
  • Disassembly
  • Cybernetic Networks will properly disconnect your I.T. equipment including servers, workstations, routers and switches, printers, and other peripherals. For file servers, we verify a current backup exists before moving to ensure data security. All equipment is boxed and labeled in preparation of the move.

  • Transport
  • All boxed and labeled equipment will be delivered to the new site. Workstations will be placed in their new locations according to the employee location diagram that you will provide. All servers, switches, hubs and routers will be relocated to the designated equipment site(s).

  • Reconnection
  • Before connecting your systems, we can test the functionality of your cabling and Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once connectivity has been established, all hubs, routers, and switches will be migrated and configured. File servers will be reinstalled and tested. To complete the network set-up, each workstation or PC will be attached to the network and tested for connectivity.
  • Free up staff - all moving arrangements made by Cybernetic Networks
  • Trained and experienced network engineers
  • Fixed cost
  • Complete network backup before start of move
  • Network documentation
Why relocate with Cybernetic Networks?
Our goal is to provide a working computer environment for all employees on their first day back to work at your new business location. Using Cybernetic Networks, opposed to existing employees or a moving company, guarantees proper dismantling and installation, and ensures safe handling of your computer equipment from existing to new location.
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