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Software Upgrades and Patches
Keeping the most up-to-date version of your operating system, virus protection, firewall protection and e-mail spam filtering software is critical to the protection of your computer environment. The growth of both the Internet and the use of e-mail have resulted in the creation of a large number of individuals and groups who will stop at nothing to spread computer viruses in an attempt to disrupt our society. It has become priority number one for all businesses to protect and secure their networks against intrusion.
Our Technical I.T. Engineers keep current on updated releases of all major software. We work closely with key manufacturers to deploy the most current patches. Once installed, we test for software compatibility and identify and resolve conflicts to ensure interoperability. For virus software updates we set-up the system to upload the latest patches automatically for greater client convenience and protection.
Before installing any updates we always do a complete system analysis so we can design an update policy for both short term and long term use.
Contact to begin the process of getting your systems fully protected with the latest security patches.

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