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Technology Planning
Cybernetic Networks brings past years of computer I.T. experience when designing computer networks, choosing the proper hardware and software platform and creating a service level support specific to your business. Expert advice and service are provided through on demand service calls, outsourcing, remote access, and phone support. Clients can turn to Cybernetic Networks as their I.T. computer service provider for all their network administrative needs and designing support level agreements.
  • Crisis situations are bound to occur such as e-mails not being received or Internet connection failures. Through on demand service calls, Cybernetic Networks can send out technical engineers to quickly deal with the situation.
  • Outsourcing is a resourceful way to save payroll costs from having a full time I.T. staff through the hiring of outside I.T. firms to come out on site a specified amount of hours per week to take care of all network, hardware and software issues.
  • Remote Access is a method of quickly solving minor network problems by logging onto a client's database from outside systems.
  • Phone Support is a great way to guide clients through easy questions and problems. Our hotline provides guaranteed response within 1 business hour.
Administrative Tasks
Clients turn to Cybernetic Networks for specialized I.T. support, which includes a variety of Network/LAN Management tasks ranging from daily or weekly administrative tasks to long term technology planning.
Most businesses do not have a large I.T. staff able to deal with issues concerning network documentation, security and daily trouble-tickets. Professional I.T. support is necessary in maintaining smooth business operations and ensuring that there is no downtime. Cybernetic Networks provides clients with on-site technical service for existing programs and also assists in future technology planning.
With the help of a professional LAN Manager, daily trouble tickets such as printer failure and server failures can be resolved, security patches can be kept current, security can be established with anti-virus updates and installation, and network documentation can be updated for systems maintenance and records.
  • Printer jams, server issues, organizing infra-structures and creating workstations are some of the common trouble tickets that can be solved with the help of a Network Manager to minimize business downtime and maximize efficiency and profit.
  • Security patches are critical to protect your prized company assets. The latest security patches can be applied in real time.
  • Security is also an important area that requires the latest anti-virus programs and firewall logging protection which can be all set-up with efficiency through an Cybernetic Networks I.T. expert.
  • Network documentation is a well organized system of tracking and maintaining systems that are running in your business. This ensures speedy repairs and reduced problems.
  • Verification of network type backup and testing of all battery backup solutions are provided by our trained technical staff.
Planning Process
Technology Planning is necessary to keep businesses competitive in the ever changing business world. With new technology changing every day, technology planning is a crucial area that needs the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable I.T. professionals. At Cybernetic Networks we support clients in:
  • Software Selection & Implementation
  • Through an I.T. professional ensures the new programs are fitted to the needs of your business and that applications run smoothly.

  • Migration Services
  • Occur when we upgrade a client's infrastructure, a software application or the moving of company data. A business with a collaborative nature would find migrations an absolute necessity for smooth business operations and ultimate success.

  • Performance Considerations
  • Deal with analyzing the performance of particular network components such as a file server or a faulty Internet connection. Knowing and dealing with software, hardware and network performances can mitigate unnecessary problems from occurring, which causing computer downtime.

  • Security Assessment
  • A vital area needed to identify security holes vulnerable to outside intrusion. The setting up of computer firewalls and anti-virus protection can protect clients against losing critical information and operational time.

  • Technology Implementation & Planning
  • Through an I.T. professional helps clients move their business towards the new technologies available, and makes sure that the technology chosen will be the best suited for the client's particular needs and wants

  • Mobile Access
  • Allows businesses to take advantage of PDA systems, RDIF technology, and VPN source access from anywhere at any time.

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