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Technology Procurement
The benefits of having Cybernetic Networks are, we manage your organization I.T. procurement including: reduced complexity, higher quality products and services, and reduced expenses.
We dramatically improve the acquisition process by providing a single point of contact. Through our distribution and manufacturing partners, we will provide you with access to broad product inventories at competitive pricing. Cybernetic Networks is a reseller, therefore, we provide our clients the best equipment and software that meets their needs.
Cybernetic Networks' information technology procurement process provides the following consulting services to the client:
Business Value Assurance
  • Determine the use of the technology in the present and future
  • Assess the value needed to reach organizational goals
  • Evaluate the information technology budget
  • Research current and future technologies
  • Perform cost benefit analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
Procurement Management
  • Equipment Research
    • Purchase equipment customized to your needs and our standards
    • Provide competitive pricing
    • Compare features and functionality
    • Compare licenses and contract agreements
  • Information Technology Procurement Process
    • Negotiate prices with vendors
    • Provide volume discount pricing
    • Handle order placement
  • Post-Procurement
    • Track product warranties and guarantees
Vendor Management
  • Maintain a select list of qualified vendors
  • Develop long-term relationships with vendors
  • Research competitive pricing on an ongoing basis
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