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Telecommunication Management
Telecommunications is an integral part of Information Technology. Cybernetic Networks transfers its extensive knowledge of Information Technology to telecommunications management. In addition to other services, Cybernetic Networks can manage, maintain and support telecommunication needs. We also provide an organization with service in the following areas:
Telecommunications Installation
  • Phone System Installation
    • Install phone and fax equipment
    • Set up voicemail and phone extension systems
    • Develop phone and fax extension diagrams
    • Set up IP telephony systems, Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Telecommunications Wiring
    • Provide wiring installation in these cases:
      • New construction open wall wiring
      • In wall wiring
      • Building-to-building wiring
    • Provide installation of these types of network cabling:
      • Telephone wiring: Category 3, CAT 3
      • Fiber optics wiring: Single-mode, Multi-mode ST, SC, MT-RJ
      • Ethernet wiring: Category 5/5e/6/7, CAT 5
      • Coaxial cable wiring: RG-6, RG-58
    • Terminate wires into punch down blocks and patch panels
    • Test cables
    • Label cables and jacks
    • Develop wiring and connection diagrams
    • Apply ANSI/EIA/TIA standards
Telecommunications Administration
  • Equipment Management
    • Maintain telephone and fax equipment
    • Troubleshoot current equipment
    • Procure new telecommunications equipment
    • Set up voicemail and phone extensions for new and existing employees
    • Train end-user to use telecommunications equipment
  • Carrier Management
    • Assess the telecommunication needs of the organization
    • Handle carrier selection and contract negotiation
    • Compare local and long distance rates
    • Manage telecommunication carriers
    • Audit the service and bill of vendors
    • Test line capacity for voice and data
    • Manage carrier installation T1, T3, DS1, DS3, DS4, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), ADSL, SDSL, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), cable modem, satellite, analog, centrex
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