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Virtualization is being leveraged heavily by businesses big and small to provide amazing flexibility for server consolidation, ease of management, cost savings therein and the ubiquitous access that Virtualization Servers provide to organizations.
Virtualization may easily become a foundation for all server and network environments into the future.
Virtualization at its simplest form allows a complete Server to be fully portable, readily duplicated, easily restored, completely archived, and made highly available with modest financial investments to gain most of these functionalities.
Examples of good times to investigate Virtualized network environment integration/use:
  • Starting a new network (for a new firm, organization, business)
  • Adding 2 or more new Servers to your existing environment
  • Planning on upgrading more than 1 server to new hardware within 24 months
  • Overgrowing your current Server Room or Server Rack and and/or power & A/C capabilities
  • A new or growing need or high availability, redundant and self healing network systems
  • Looking for more portable, quick and flexible Disaster Recovery and business continuity from your systems
  • Need granular and centralized management of server network environment
  • Want to virtualized your servers and workstations devices to save money on complexity and I.T. management costs
  • Plan on moving your systems to a Co-location (co-lo) provider and want to keep migration costs and downtime to a minimum
Virtualization greatest benefit is its ability to control and allocate hardware resources more efficiently than the generally-used server operating systems (Windows, Linux etc) by themselves. Virtualization works as an integrated addition to these Operating Systems.
What businesses and organization could benefit from Virtualization implementations? Even companies with a modest one server environment can utilize the Cybernetic virtualization platform. The benefits begin to rapidly ramp-up as 2 or more servers are involved. For instance, Virtualization allows multiple servers to be consolidated onto fewer hardware devices, and utilizes hardware investments more effectively and can create spill-over benefits such as better longevity and redundancy.
As current server count increases, the more powerful Virtualization becomes. As your business or organization continues to add servers to a Virtualization environment, the ability to consolidate servers into fewer physical servers can reach an amazing Virtual Server to Physical Server ratio of 10:1.
Virtualization benefits rise further in these environments, due to the now-affordable enterprise class blade server systems and Storage Area Networks (SANs), where Cybernetic Virtualization can bring true “Data Center” type power and functionality to the small and medium business – essentially creating a very flexible “private cloud computing” environment.
Call our offices at 239 653 0252 to learn more. Cybernetic Networks is a strong proponent of Virtualization technologies where appropriate and can help your business or organization investigate to potential benefits in for your firm. We will be more than happy to meet with you at no charge or obligation.

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