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Computer Virus Protection
Viruses are malicious applications that infiltrate and corrupt your system, violating the security of your data, eventually ruining your computer.
Anyone using e-mail or exchanging media in the workplace is at risk for corrupted files, making Virus Protection an essential element of every network.
As a preventative measure, anti-virus scanning can be performed or specialized software may be installed on your computer system.
Anti-Virus Scanning
An on-site scanning service followed up with software installed on desktops and file servers for a simplified refresh plan.
Anti-Virus Software
Installing software with a consistent refresh plan significantly reduces the risk of spreading computer viruses on your network.
Already Have a Virus?
If you suspect that your computer system or network has contracted and is spreading a virus, contact Cybernetic Networks immediately. We will take the following actions to prevent data destruction and unauthorized access.
Cybernetic Networks will:
• Save existing data
• Set up Virus Protection with Anti-Virus Software
• Use the software to remove the virus

You may schedule technical support service
24X7 via our website or call us with your request

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