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To clean deleted items from Outlook, you can use the following steps:

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to the "Deleted Items" folder.

  2. Select all the items in the folder by pressing "Ctrl + A" on your keyboard.

  3. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard, or right-click and select "Delete" from the context menu.

  4. Empty the "Deleted Items" folder by right-clicking on it and selecting "Empty Folder."

  5. If you want to permanently delete the items, you can also go to the "File" menu, and select "Options."

  6. Select "Advanced" from the left-hand menu, and scroll down to the "AutoArchive" section.

  7. Click on "AutoArchive Settings" and make sure that the "Prompt before AutoArchiving" option is selected.

  8. Click on the "Clean Up" button to permanently delete these items from your Outlook account.


Note: The above steps are for Outlook on a Windows computer. The steps may vary slightly for Outlook on a Mac or for the Outlook web app.


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